Your partner in digitalization of assets and real estate

Your partner in digitalization of assets and real estate

Reveal the full potential of your Вашия дом Вашия апартамент Вашата къща Вашия офис Вашия мол Вашия магазин Вашия склад Вашето хале Вашата фабрика Вашия хотел Вашето бунгало Вашия ресторант Вашето заведение Вашия бар Вашия фитнес Вашия строеж Вашия музей Вашата галерия Вашия лек автомобил Вашата яхта

About us

Formonic is an independent company that offers a new type of innovative services for digitization of real estate and assets.

We build your digital portfolio and create 3D experience in a way like never before.

Our Services

3D scanning

Digital 3D scan of your real estate property with with incredible precision

Schematic Floor Plan

Generate schematic floor plans of your property

3D Visualization with tags

Super realistic interactive 3D visualization of the the property with VR option


Take measures with 99% accuracy

Video and Photos with high resolution

Маке high quality video and photos of your property

Digital passport

Digital document with the full information and history of your property

Export of 3D models

Option to export and integrate easy our 3D scans with Maya, 3D Studio Max, Meshlab, Recap, Revit, Rhino and AutoCAD


Quick and easy integration with Google Street View


Fully digital hosting of each project with archive option

Who are our clients

Individual clients

Property tours, Financing, Interior design, Renovation works. 

Everything for your property from A to Z

Brokers and real estate agencies

You want to decrease the time per deal and to increase the number of successful transactions?

Our services work for you 24/7

Office spaces, Commercial and industrial properties

Rent your office and commercial spaces without live tours.

Optimize your industrial properties

Hospitality and Airbnb

Be one step ahead of your competitors

Construction companies and real estate investors

Follow the development of your construction or renovation projects anytime, anywhere

Interior Design Studios

Take measurements and create realistic 3D models in hours

Galleries, Museums and cultural landmarks

Take virtual tours and discover new sites while lying on the sofa with popcorn


You have already digitized your property, why not the car too?

Contact us We are here to help you