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3D scanning

Работейки с последен модел технология за сканиране, ние можем да заснемем Вашия обект с точност до 99%. Това позволява вземане на размери лесно и без допълнителни посещения на обекта. Бързината, с която можем да знасненем един обект е друго удобство, което Formonic предлага – 100 кв.м. могат да бъдат сакнирани в рамките на 60 минути.

Architectural plan

After scanning the object, at the request of the client we can prepare a drawing based on the respective 3D scan. Given the many errors that occur during manual measurement, we offer a drawing with an accuracy of up to 99%. 

3D tour with tags

After scanning the object, you receive a link where you can walk, measure and track any changes. In order to make it easier for you, our specialists can place markers (tags) in the places where there is a need for clarification.


The most important part of a scan is its accuracy. We guarantee up to 99% accuracy when measuring each object. What this gives you, designers, craftsmen and furniture makers, can provide an offer without additional inspections and site visits - you only need to send them the link to your scanned property.

Video and Photos with high resolution

На база на нашия скан, ние можем да направим видео разходка на Вашия обект, която може да качите в социалните мрежи или на Вашия уебсайт. Също така можем да ви предоставим и снимков материал за Вашите обяви или лично ползване.

Digital passport

We create a file for your space. General information, architectural plan, photos, video and 3D visualizations. We also have the opportunity to scan your site at certain stages of renovation or construction. This way you can clearly follow the whole process. We make a list of the materials used and their prices and attach photos from the construction activities. This process can also be applied for letting of property. This way you receive a document with the complete information and history of your property and you can rent it out or sell it easier and faster.

Export of 3D models

We provide quick and easy integration of the model with programs such as Maya, ReCap, Rhino, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Meshlab and many others. This will allow you to use the model for 3D visualizations and more.

Integration with google street view

Чрез тази функционалност, хора които търсят Вашия магазин или офис в Google ще могат да се разходят директно вътре в него. Това е добър метод да привлечете още повече клиенти към Вашия бизнес.


After scanning, your project will be uploaded to a dedicated server and accessed via a link to it. This way, everyone who has access to this link will be able to view your property from every corner of the world. Last but not least, the 3D model of your property will always be available when you need it, without the risk of it being lost or accidentally deleted.